Happy Anniversary, Love!

Last night I saw a notification on my laptop’s screen, it made me smile and felt a little bit blue at the same time. It was our anniversary!

But sadly, I forgot it.

No. I didn’t forget it, because actually I did not know the exact date when the first time we had our relationship.

‘Happy anniversary, my love!’ I whispered in front of my laptop, hoping you would hear my voice. Hoping that this relationship will last forever. Hoping that you will be here with me till the end of my time.

I am sorry. I often ignore you when I am busy with my life. And I know it’s been too often. 

I am sorry for the time that I did not see and visit you. Leaving you with emptiness. 

I am sorry that I was such a jerk to you, love. I did not write to you so you know nothing about me. Whereas I know,that the only thing that makes you happy is my story. 

Sorry I abandoned you.

But you will always be my runaway when something happen to me, or this brain gone crazy and I just want to pour it into a writing, or when I just need to tell my daily life. You will always be the only treasure chest for my junks.

Well, I know you cannot be mad at me. You never was and you will never be. 

Though I come to see you only when I need you. Though you never be my number one priority. Though until now,when I said I am sorry, I never promise to take care of you in a better way. I like you the way you are. I like our non-commitment relationship. I like the fact that you and I set no target at all. I like the way that you waiting to hear from me for months and said nothing when I returned to you.

Yes love, we can be like this forever! Because YOU ARE MINE!






Much virtual hugs and kisses,


Your Evil Owner



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