Seasons (1)

Summer season, July

A weather has its story. A day keeps its own secret. They will never tell anyone, they will never say anything.

Though they are creeping from time to time, secretly watching all people on this lonely planet, they will halt their mouth from telling the secret. God made them unable to speak, doesn’t mean they are deaf and blind.

But they do whisper, they whisper through the blow of the wind. They do cry, their tears make the earth wet and make the river flows. Only those who silent enough, those who stay awake at the night, those who are brokenhearted, those who are in great pain, those who let go, will hear that voice. And those people will whisper back, will shout back, and will cry together with them.

That voice was once heard by a girl, this girl was not brokenhearted, not in a great pain, not letting go either,

this girl was feeling empty instead.

She was on her way back from a distant island, a beautiful island that she left behind. She sat on uncomfortable cushion in an airplane. She read a book a minute before, but she put it down again not so long after that. She was trying to sleep but could not help but moving from side to side on her cushion.

Her thoughts were flying away, falling back to the time where they want to settle down. Her thoughts did not come back and left a hole in her mind and soul.

That voice going through the conditioned air that rolling inside the aircraft’s cabin. The words clearly whispered to her ears.

Summer season, June

You know decision, my friend? It is only taken by those who live between choices.

But, what if I should choose between people? What would they do if i did not choose them?

Well, life is never fair. You would not stay with someone good if you had someone better, would you?

Alas, I want to give a little special place in my heart for that someone good to stay.

That, my dear friend, that is decision.


They arrived at the hotel at 9 PM, and seven of them are all worn out. For foreigners like them, moving from one city to another was not that easy. They got lost easily, people of that country do not understand English, and that was making things more complicated for them.

After paying the taxi bills, they gathered at the front door, setting up the next plan. Here is the deal: they only booked three rooms, and the rule of the hotel allows only two people in one room. So, they need to make a plan on how to smuggle one person to the hotel.

The girl volunteered to be the smuggled one. And all of them agreed to left the girl outside, and bringing her luggage for her to the room.

The girl waited outside until all of her friends arrived at their rooms in second floor. Finally, the girl could escape the front desk and entered the elevator. Her heart was beating nervously, that was the first time she smuggled in a foreign hotel.

Not long after entering her room, she received a message. She was a little bit surprised when she read the name on the screen. But it was really him.

“Are you inside your room already?”

She bite her lips, there was a sudden warm feeling inside her heart. But then, she shook her head.

“Yes. Save and sound.” she replied.

“Thank God.” he replied.

She almost let her fingertips typing a reply for him. But then, she shook her head again and went to bathroom for a bath instead.


The very next day, they all got prepared. They already planned to visit some places on that city, hoping that they would have enough time to visit them one by one.

Seven of them are all looking bright and fresh and happy, for they would spend the rest of their time here for some city tours.

“Just cannot wait to see them all!” the girl smiling widely while they all are marching to the nearest train station.

“Yes!” replied one of her friends, no less happy then her.

The boy walked two people behind her, but he could look at her face clearly. He did not only look for a while, he starred at her. When the girl felt someone starring at her, she found the boy’s eyes.

And their eyes met.


“Why didn’t you go buy ice cream?” the boy started the conversation between them. They sat on one bench underneath a big tree in a garden of old castle they visited on second day, while their friends were going to buy ice cream at the stalls.

“Nah, not enough money to do so. What about you?” she answered casually.

He smiled. “The very same here.”

She smiled back, then they were starring at each other until they found each other’s eyes. At some minutes after, they stayed like that.

They suddenly remembered all the things they ever promised to keep on buried deep inside their heart. They remembered all kind of jokes, all the things that make them laugh, all the feelings, all the nights they stay awake just to text with each other. Just by sharing one sight, they fell again on the past. They wished they did not. But they did.

They found that both of them had been having a good time together. She remembered when yesterday the boy looked worry when her feet was tire out after a long day of walking along the shopping district with one of her friends,

“Are you okay?” he asked her, “sit here first!”

“Thanks, it’s fine. My feet just not trained enough to walk this far,” she said

He sat beside her, and stayed there until her feet were recovered.

She remembered the text he sent her on the night she smuggled in the hotel. She remembered the look he gave when they were walking to the train station. She remembered that yesterday, two of them often walking side by side, even though their friends were all there walking together with them.

There, in a garden of ancient gigantic building, they were reminded about all things ever happened between them. And for the first time, they did not refuse to be so. Both of them were as silent as the midnight, while the memories rushing through. Only the shadow of leaves that eager to playfully moving and dancing, transferring the wind into peaceful creaking sound.

They both were trying to understand in shared silence. They let one side of their arms touching one another, flowing the heat to be exchanged. They let themselves lived on a fantasy where only both of them belong. They let the big tree be a witness of all. Though they did not do nothing more than that, they understand the meaning, and it’s enough for them.




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