Yes, I am Single

Story about tonight? Yes, I have one.

I supposed to watch my favorite band with my best friends. But I did not go.

Yes, it’s raining outside when the show started. And yes, I have a lot more important things to do than standing in crowded place listening to the band. Yes, there is no adult at home to watch over my little nieces when I asked my big sister’s permission. But none of them are my main reasons to not going.

I’m suddenly being lazy, just by the thought of being in that place.


Imagine. The songs would be so romantic and the night would be so blue and the weather would be so cold and the couples




No, I am not a desperate single who envies all cute couples in the world. In the name of peace, I don’t mind if they appear in front of me.

Just not tonight. Tonight is different. Tonight is too cold to be alone outside.

Instead of going anywhere, let me rant about several questions, that all singles (and me) are too bored to answer in serious way.

Truk aja punya gandengan, masa kamu belum? 

“Gandengan” here refers to the containers that attached to the truck. The containers are attached to the truck because they cannot move alone, while the truck needs the containers to share the weights they should carry around. I still can move freely on my own, and I am still able to carry my own things around. So I don’t see the problem here.

Mblo, malam mingguan kemana nih? <in a very sarcastic tone>

I know I’m single, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have something cool to do on Saturday night. Seriously, I have life.

Enggak bosan apa jomblo terus?

To be honest, sometimes I want to know what my life would be when I had a boyfriend. But being single is always be a comfort zone to me. Sometimes it is (of course) kinda boring, but most of times I enjoy it very much. Plus, I have TONS OF THINGS to do. So please tell me again how could my life be boring?

Cie jomblo. Enggak laku ya?

Yes. Because I am not for sale.

Masa udah berapa tahun di kampus belum dapat pacar?

My university life goals are not including ‘the hunting for Mr. Right’. If it’s one of yours, well, congratulations.

Chill out, I don’t hate relationships in college life. Some of my dear friends are currently in relationships, and I think they are cute. If I had someone suits my life, I would probably be in one too.

I just cannot understand on how people exaggerating the deal of being single.

We are fine, we just have not met someone who fits with us. And that’s all. If you want to tease us, go ahead. We know you are just kidding. But please do it in proper amount, do not go too far. Like if you want to know why we are still single, ask the reason, ye shall receive. But please please don’t go too far. You just don’t know how lonely a night can be for a single to pass through.


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