A Love Game

There were once a boy and a girl

living in a small crowded planet

they were friends

until one day

“Let’s play a game,” said the boy.

“What game?” asked the girl.

“A love game,” said the boy.

“Love? Love game? Never heard before,” said the girl.

“Trust me it’s fun,” said the boy.

“Okay,” said the girl.

“It has a simple rule, I will explain to you,” said the boy.

“Okay,” said the girl.

“Here’s the rule: we stare at each other as long as we can.

Who smiles first, will fall in love.

Who falls in love first, will approach first.

Who approaches first, will make the bigger effort than the other.

Who makes the bigger effort, will kiss first.

Who kisses first, will feel longing.

Who feels longing first, will feel afraid of loosing.

Who feels afraid first, will be getting attached.

Who is attached first, will loose.

Who looses first, will be hurt.

Who is hurt first, will die.


“Not sure, but okay,” said the girl.

And then they starred right in the eyes of each other.

Until one time.

The boy made a move first.

And the girl smiled.





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