More Than A Mortal Body: A Thought on Body Positivity

When was the last time you kiss your reflection on the mirror? Have you grown up to hate your features? Are you tired to say to yourself that you are ‘too thin’ ‘too fat’ ‘too short’ ‘too tall’ etc?  How many times did you find yourself screening people’s look from hairtip to toe? These are some signs that you are actually not satisfied with your appearance. If you feel so, then you are not alone, because I do too.

This is the sad truth that our society (I mean we, including me and you) need to change. Our foundation on ‘beauty’ is messed up: how the girls starve themselves to be as skinny as possible and the boys crazily going to the gym to build up their muscles (i don’t say that the latter was bad, but you just have to be balance). Just being healthy and neat is not enough anymore. Image of Barbie and Ken, with tall and slim figure, is set up as the new beauty standard.

The effects? A lot of people are becoming insecure on how they look, men and women. Afraid of how society will belittling them for not being in the standard. And then starting to wear the standard to value others too. Thus, most likely we concern more on how people’s look than what people actually do/achieve. And that is undeniably destructive.

I’m NOT saying that we have to stop grooming ourselves or stop going to gym or stop wearing good clothes or stop wearing make up. On the contrary, I support those who took care of their body, knowing and doing what makes them feel good about themselves. What I’m trying to say is that we have to STOP shaming others for their appearance, for their features, for the styles they proudly choose. STOP valuing people on whether they follow the fake standards or not, without knowing what they actually going through or what they already achieve. STOP destroying your body and mind to follow the fake standards. STOP saying that you are ugly. I know this is hard, I know it needs time (I’m still learning to apply it in my daily life too) but it NEEDS to be CHANGED.

Remember this: if  the bigbang theory was  right, you and the entire universe were made of those twinkling stardusts. You are more than your mortal body, you are a beautiful soul.

If you don’t mind to watch, I attach the link of this beautiful speech by Meaghan Ramsey on Body Positivity in TED talk playlist of ‘New Ways of Thinking About Beauty’. Enjoy!

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