Morning Blues

Not a morning person, eh?

Yet you get up in early morning, sipping your coffee hard and deep. Trying to fit yourself into your so called business attire. Battling with rush hour in big city’s cold mist. Sitting on a desk for hours just trying to get higher payment.

You are a morning person who wish you were not.


On a note, this is what I actually feel these days. I will not be able to write or to post anything until the following month, even though I want it. I took a freelance job, and this one is gonna be killing me before I killed it first. I also have my final presentation on internship soon. I don’t know why but I wanted to be busy and occupied yet when I became what I want, I stressed out.

Wish me luck, cross fingers for me, send me good vibes, and hold the leg still so I can break it easily.



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