Friendship That’d Look Like A Burrito

Hello all, I have been really happy to write some blog posts these days. The reason is perhaps because I have nothing to do, really. I am a fresh graduate and now looking for some jobs (employ me please). Wish me a good luck!

I am not going to continue the series of post about my journey to Japan, just yet! Let’s take a rest for a while from those series, I know maybe you’ve been dragged to boredom hell by reading them. Today I am going to talk about my inner circle. Let’s just call them my gang(?) I don’t know what to call them since we’re not a gang, obviously. They’re my inner circle, the ones whom I talked to a lot. They’re the ones whom I always hang out with in my college life, for at least 3 years.

One of them is my bestfriend, whom I talked about in the series of ‘Journey to Japan’ entries. She’s my roommate while I’m living in dormitory as well, her name is Eno. She’s a diehard fan of a lot of great TV series, movies, and even Broadway plays! She’s a drunken bookworm, she could finish a really thick book in just one day. She really likes to learn languages, I have no one to compare to her language skills by far. But just don’t be starstruck-ed just yet, she’s the most random person I ever know. She and I can laugh for 15 minutes over a two-minute video of flying landmower.

I mentioned the other as well in the Japan entries, she’s the human GPS, Unay. She’s a living genius, but she’s an evil queen in the making. She wouldn’t hesitate to ruin your life, if you’re making her angry. I don’t know what’s her secret, but she can enjoy her time reading books or watching anime in classes, and still got the highest score. MUN? Debate? Just don’t ever wish to contest her public speaking skill, she will eat you up alive.  But really, you wouldn’t know about what she’s like actually when you’re not that close with her. To be honest, she’s the most to be bullied in our gang.

The last but not least is Ijah, the oldest and the wisest(?) one. She came from a close region from my hometown, she’s from Jogjakarta and I’m from Solo. We had conversations sometimes in Javanese (which Unay understands but cannot speak, and Eno understands just a little bit). She’s bright and strong, she knows what to do in her own time. Once, she could endure the hardwork of being an intern while working on her thesis, and she’s graduated 2 days ahead from me. She treasures those who really close to her, even she’s still sending her Belgian’s host sister birthday presents. But really, she likes to procrastinate a lot and sometimes she can be sassy to people she doesn’t like.

Here’s the thing: we’re different. Like in every level. We’re the embodiment of United Nations. (No, that seems odd, because UN run by some major countries). But really, we’re just that different. Ijah and me are raised in Javanese environment, while Unay and Eno came from different roots. Actually I am a Bataknese, but I was born and raised in Solo, so I was raised in Javanese culture. Ijah is a pure Javanese, sho she was raised in the same culture as mine. Unay came from mixed culture, she’s got Indian and Betawi blood. She’d been living in Jakarta and moved to Semarang, but she hasn’t been that dipped into Javanese culture. Eno’s a Chinese Medan (that’s how people calling the Chinese descendants that are living in Medan, located in province where Bataknese coming from). Just think of it, how our roots are not touching one another. Ok yes, I have that tie with Ijah because we’re raised in Javanese culture, and yes I have that tie with Eno because she came from the place where Bataknese originated from, and yes I have that tie with Unay because we came from the same province. But how that tiny and weak string could bound us? I don’t wanna tell you heuheu.

We’re too often had different opinion about an issue, when some brought a topic to our group chat (yes, we have one) not everyone would participate. And no one would get offended by this. When someone states a different argument from the other, we do that in nice way, so no one get hurt by what the other has to say.

We know that we’re not that flawless, sometimes we had cold war. We don’t really have a fight like a child would have. We just drew ourselves back from the others and when the time heals, we’d come back. I guess we know the right time to remain silent or to be really chatty. I’m quite happy to know that our friendship has this kind of ‘rules-free’ and ‘jealousy-free’ relationship. When one member gets too close with the outsider(?), we’d be okay with that. Because we’re just that ignorant, LOL JK, no because we don’t have reasons to make them stay with us. If they’re meant to stay, they’d stay. Simple.

We like talking about people, yes I am not going to lie. But just certain ones, whose attitudes….do not cope with us. So far, we’re not crossing the ‘limit’ line while talking about others. As long as I know, these kind of topics would last less than 30 minutes or so (note: if the person was not that annoying), and I can swear that our gang NEVER talk about someone’s appearance/body/style. We hate people for their attitudes, not for who they are (but then your attitudes define who you are, so LOL). You know what I mean right?

For your additional information: we NEVER talk about guys/boys. I don’t know why this happens to us, but we cannot have this topic taken seriously. If it’s not in sarcasm, or because of the boy’s attitude, or because we’re mocking one member with the boy, then we cannot stand the topic. Conversation that’s going on about our crush/men of our dreams is never happened. We tried once though, because we’re curious about having this kind of conversation. But we ended up talking randomly about Amsterdam and how Unay always had different names for foods in her hometown.

Our political stance? We called ourself socialistas for reasons. LOL. Do not take it seriously, we’ll not going to rob houses and take cash from those rich pigs to feed the poor (just yet heuheu). We are just tired of capitalism, and how it worsen the gap between classes and also to the other disasters. But we cannot just bring it down before we find what to do after it falls apart, right? “What important is how people are going to be  responsible for  the freedom they took away by their own hands” (some quotes, I forgot the source).

Blahblahblah so that’s what our friendship is all about. If I could just draw what our friendship would look like if it’s a thing, it’d be a burrito. It may have various things inside, every different elements and sprinkles of other things mashed up together. But it has tortilla to wrap it all together, so it’s not just random slices of these and those, it became one delicious dish.

I’m going to miss them so much after we’re officially graduated in May. But the show must go on. We’ll grow and meet new people eventually, just enjoy every burrito we’ll have in different places. But for me, this burrito I had with these three beautiful souls, is going to be my favorite one forever (extra cheese here, omg).


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