Oh Wonder

As you may have recognized, I’ve added a new category on my blog. I know that I am new to this, but I hope I’d write some good (enough) reviews that would inspire others to appreciate music and the artists. I am not a music critics or an expert, and I know that my knowledge is limited. But I’d like to share some music recommendations and reviews based on my own taste, that perhaps would be useful for those looking for additional songs on playlist . I will write quite various kind of music, because I don’t stick my ears to any genre, and because I am pretty nomaden when it’s about songs and artists. Before I proceed, there might be some mistakes I made during my writing, so I humbly ask you if you have any comment or input. I will appreciate them since it was my first post about music.

Without any further due, I am going to discuss about the new duo from UK who’s making a nontraditional  single releases, Oh Wonder. Their debut started in September 2014, but actually this guy-girl duo has been on their own musical career paths. Josephine Vander Gucht on her own solo project, and Anthony West was on an alt-rockers band – finally they decided to write, record, and produce their own music through their home studio. This is what’s unique: they released their single once every month, till there were 13 songs in total.

Oh Wonder duo – Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West (source: bbc.co.uk)

In September 2015, finally they gave birth to their first album, with two additional songs “Without You” and “Plans”. This indie electro-pop duo (based on what I’ve listened so far and some reviews), sounds really wonderful together. One impression that I got after listening to their music is – calming. They compliment each other’s voice, stood out and decorated by the modern electronic music in relatively slow jam. According to an interview by Noisey, their lyrics are basically teaching us on how to be human – falling in love, heartbreak, loneliness, and longing. And indeed they are. Most of the lyrics describe about feelings that we’ve learned during our lifetime, only this time were explained in details. Just like their name, the musics invite us to wonder about our daily life, and simple things that sometimes we neglect. Just like what they wrote in “All We Do”, how they philosophically made us realize the routines that are actually trapping our days.

I personally love almost all of their songs, but if I should pick the most favorite, they have to be “Body Gold” and “Livewire”. To be honest, I love how they use music wisely, not too much, it was like measured in certain amount to give enough room for their beautiful voices. The album itself had been enjoying its peak position  in UK album Official Chart ranked number 26 on their release month, but unfortunately it endured on the chart only for 3 weeks. Oh Wonder is currently conducting their live gig around the US, the UK, and some parts of Europe, you can check out their gig schedule and purchase tickets/merchs/album on their website [http://ohwondermusic.com/].


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