A Song of A Proud Jester

What is it on my face, you asked me?

Art, of course, a beautiful and useful painting.

To cover my ugly face and turned them extraordinary,

to hide my thousands of expressions perfectly.

From eyes to mouth to every corners of face,

where the other feelings than happiness are not allowed.

Who’d know that I’m secretly judging at you,

when you’re busy laughing at me?


People laugh at me, calling me foolish.

Just put your feet to my shoes,

and tell me who were the real fools.

I juggled, I mumbled, I hopped, I danced.

I even slipped on banana peel that I knew it was there.

You knew that I knew, and you giggled anyway.

Tell me again who were the fools?


Kings and queens and people of castles calling my name, frowning.

Just a touch of jokes and acts, they’d smile again.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your favorite joker,

going around the tricycle and blowing up a hornet.

Who are you kidding with?


Once the queen being really furious.

Once she almost fought the wrong battle.

Once this country would burn down to specks.

And once I was there to entertain.

And once the idea of war was dismissed.

But history was not keen on mentioning my name ,

“The Fool Who Saved the Entire Kingdom”


Sometimes on my bed I would think deep.

Why would people laugh when I fell down the ground?

Why would people cheer when I hit my own head?

Why would they feel better when I got misfortunes?

I didn’t have to think too much,

the reason is crystal clear.

The Jester need to show them, that they’re not alone at facing problems.

And that’s the irony of life.


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