Find A Man Who Ruin Your Lipsticks Not Your Mascara? Nah, Both Are Disgusting.

Why do people like to share this kind of quotes? Is it romantic? No.

What is wrong with this quote? I found some. Here they are:

First of all, lipsticks are expensive.

I just realized this when I did make up shopping on my own, with my own money. Lipsticks aren’t that affordable, especially those with beautiful colors and containing natural substances. You work so hard to pay for them, yet you are looking for a man who wants to ruin your gorgeous lip color? Too bad.

Second of all, what does that mean by “ruin”?

By kissing? I don’t know either. But how hard the kissing session is, so that they can ruin your lipstick? I mean, ruin is an extreme treatment. I don’t know about you guys, but I won’t allow a man to harshly ‘ruining’ my lips. It’s not romantic, unless you ask for it.

Third, “wait, I did not apply this lipstick for you!”

Sirs, please understand that maybe women don’t apply lipstick purposely for your eye-candy. Not all of them  have that kind of intention, please note that it’s not always about you. Maybe some of them apply those lip colors because they want to express themselves, to elevate their confidence, or to soothe their mood. There are thousands of reasons for a woman to put their lipsticks on.

Four, it depends.

Like all of other expressions and quotes. It all depends on the individuals. If your woman wants you to ruin their lipsticks, then sure go ahead. If your woman don’t, then don’t do it. She has full rights of her body, mind, and soul. This quote is a false attempt to be romantic, in honest opinion, it’s not a proper quote.




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