Me, When You Are Around

this is how i feel when you are around

i think to myself silently
i can picture it in my mind
that you would leave me someday
it is not a reflection of fear nor a nightmare
it is half true, it is more like a projection

i think to myself secretly

you are standing there with your open arms
but you don’t let me in
though i tried hard
i could not picture us being together in the future

i am listening to every word you say
i am remembering every detail of your face
i am saving every story you mutter about your family
forever is not for us
this will not last

don’t you worry about this
i will hold your hands while it lasts
let’s take every possibility
let’s try hard to hold on as long as we can go
let’s cherish our moments without thinking about tomorrow

don’t you worry about this
i will make this projection come true
i am waiting for you to let go
i am waiting until

you are the one who’s taking the step back

this is to fulfill the projection
i promise you
you will leave me first before i leave you


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