Kamu sudah tahu hatiku

Kamu sudah hafal suaraku

Kamu sudah dapat ceritaku

Kamu sudah dekat ragaku

Kamu sudah sering aku rindu

Kamu jangan egois

Kamu jangan pergi dulu

Aku malas mengulang ini itu

Dengan orang yang baru




The Sun and Its Sunlight

The Sun looks rich and glowing in the sky

it is the proudest solar body in the whole milky way

it is the biggest star in our galaxy

who doesn’t love him?

Farmers, gardeners, workers, fishers, all worship him

All I can see is him, because he shifts his face right onto me

it is burning with fire and flame


Is it really because of The Sun?

I think I don’t want to worship him

I worship its ray of sunlight

it’s true that The Sun is the one being in the highest place

but its sunlight is the one which touches our skin

its sunlight is the one which radiates and makes us warm


It is true that The Sun is watching over me

all the noon and afternoon

but the sunlight is the one which knows my story

the sunlight is the one which lingers around my body


The Sun is majestic

but it will never reach out to me

it will never be getting closer to me

it will never cover me

too hot

too proud

too big

too far



ray of sunlight is a very small particle

but i want him to stay around me





Me, When You Are Around

this is how i feel when you are around

i think to myself silently
i can picture it in my mind
that you would leave me someday
it is not a reflection of fear nor a nightmare
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On Being Quiet

For lot of people, talking is something easy. We talk everyday, to family, friends, even strangers. But some of us, without being known by the others…are tired and afraid of talking. Some of us use lot of energy just to think about what should be said next. I am one of them, sometimes.

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“You know what am I going to ask you, right?” He looked deep into my eyes, searching for approval.

“I need you to ask me anyway. I don’t want to assume,” I replied.

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March 30, 2016

I hate loud voices

I hate crowded places, sometimes they make me suffocated

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A Song of A Proud Jester

What is it on my face, you asked me?

Art, of course, a beautiful and useful painting.

To cover my ugly face and turned them extraordinary,

to hide my thousands of expressions perfectly.

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A Song of A Prisoner

I was awake most of the nights,

finding myself gasping on the solid ceiling.

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A Song Of An Ordinary Farmer


I worked from day to night, sowing the drying field.

Making magic, or so they say.

Growing fresh thyme and golden roses behind my wooden hut.

Land is my best friend, and seeds are my lovers.

Depending my life on a thin string of seasons.

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A Song of A Lonely Queen

You can’t find me in the crowd,

as hard as I can’t find you in solitude.

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