March 30, 2016

I hate loud voices

I hate crowded places, sometimes they make me suffocated

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A Song of A Prisoner

I was awake most of the nights,

finding myself gasping on the solid ceiling.

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A Song Of An Ordinary Farmer


I worked from day to night, sowing the drying field.

Making magic, or so they say.

Growing fresh thyme and golden roses behind my wooden hut.

Land is my best friend, and seeds are my lovers.

Depending my life on a thin string of seasons.

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A Song of A Lonely Queen

You can’t find me in the crowd,

as hard as I can’t find you in solitude.

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Oh Wonder

As you may have recognized, I’ve added a new category on my blog. I know that I am new to this, but I hope I’d write some good (enough) reviews that would inspire others to appreciate music and the artists. Continue reading “Oh Wonder”


Friendship That’d Look Like A Burrito

Hello all, I have been really happy to write some blog posts these days. The reason is perhaps because I have nothing to do, really. Continue reading “Friendship That’d Look Like A Burrito”


Journey to Japan (Part 2: MUN Days and the weird things happened)

Hi all, this post is still about the journey of me and my six other mates to Japan. If you had just bumped into this part, please read the part 1 first (unless you wouldn’t know what you just read). Continue reading “Journey to Japan (Part 2: MUN Days and the weird things happened)”


Journey to Japan (Part 1: Departure and Kobe)

I  have been pretty reluctant to write about this actually, since I have not done much contribution on the journey of this following story. I am not that traveller or people who has authority to describe about places. Continue reading “Journey to Japan (Part 1: Departure and Kobe)”


Si Pemikat

“Bagi saya tidak penting bagaimana perasaan orang lain, saya harus tetap menjadi yang paling dipuja,”

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